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A New Line Of Products For Challenging Situations, an efficient replacement to standard surveillance. SensorTec's  Technology advancement means less cameras installed and immense reduction in cost. Get to know our latest high-tech.

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An Extraordinary Surveillance System


Fewer Cameras

An Efficient replacement to standard surveillance. Sensortec's Technology advancement ensures fewer cameras are placed covering more areas while reducing the price that you would get with ordinary CCTV Cameras.

Intelligent Response

The difference between standard surveillance cameras and Sensortec's is their integration with police and defence systems. Our systems will give you peace, with Tracking, Alarm Systems, Traffic Control & More.

More Coverage

The cameras at Sensortec will give you access to more distances than average surveillance cameras. Our Range of cameras give you a vast pool of options starting at 2 megapixels up to 320 megapixels.

Thermal Detection

Your Eyes can't see everything this is where thermal surveillance cameras come into play. Invisible heat radiation emitted by objects regardless of lighting conditions is what our cameras capture.

Day & Night

Not only will you see in daylight,  you will also see at night or minimum illumination. These cameras have special lenses allowing infrared emission produced to reach our CMOS chips inside our cameras.

Total Solutions

Each Geographical area has its challenges. With our expertise, we have installed cameras to numerous cities and regions classified for militaries and other facilities. Get your solution today with us!

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Our Solutions


City Surveillance Solution
Crime decreases with deterrence.

With 6% world crime rate, from 40 to 90 humans are murdered out of 100,000 people each year. A homicide is right around the corner, but not anymore. Preventing crimes through installing cameras is a primary reason for a crime rate drop, nevertheless, detecting them will be much easier for officials. Make your city safer and take control of your city today.

Borders Security
Terrorists, trafficking and illegal immigrants.

A Country's borderline consists of endless stretches that might not be appropriately covered. What is better than building immense fences and walls? A Surveillance system. Take control of your borders now with smart cameras that cover vast distances. Prevent possible terrorist attacks, drugs, human trafficking and any illegal activities that may pass through your borders and more.

Traffic Law Enforcement
Heavy Traffic, traffic violations and more.

Traffic is a significant issue in most developing countries, with uncontrolled traffic systems, violations increase tremendously. 1.2 million people die of accidents each year, more than 20% of it is caused by violations such as speeding and red light running. Prevent the loss of human life and overcrowded junctions.

Stadium & Venue Security
A Hooligans paradise, endless violations and hazards.

Match-day is an uncontrolled environment. Anything wrong could happen. Hooligans may create trouble and violate the rules whether somewhere in the stadium or around it in the streets or entries. The only way to make the match go smooth is to secure the venue in a proper way. Secure the fans and let them enjoy the match in peace

Checkpoints Solution
Thousands pass through each day, do you want them all in?

While your checkpoint is heavily secured, security personnel may not be able to identify or recognise specific people or license plates; our cameras can detect faces, run plates and detect their identities in a blink of an eye making it easier to provide safety to your city by providing fast and reliable information for the officers in charge around the area.

Airports Security Solution
International airport security with less hassle.

Airplanes are a major transportation hub that host millions of passengers and thousands of aircrafts each year. The staff must work in a fast-paced environment that go with no mistakes. From handling passengers to logistics, a well established surveillance system can reduce security threats and increase efficiency with less delays and accidents. 

Our solutions, uncover what can be unseen .

Don't hesitate! Many incidents are happening each minute around the city, the more you wait, the more danger people are in.

We do not only make cameras, 
we create a total solution .

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